Business Management Services

Learning & Capability

Learning Strategy design, development and deployment

Instructional Program Design

The 'CAPS Profiler' (c)

Capability Framework design, development and implementation

Digital Learning technologies - LMS, LRS, eLearning, mLearning and blended learning solutions

Online learning design development and production

Learning video and animation production, editing and formatting

Learning Management System (LMS) licensing and hosting 

Learning Record Store (LRS) establishment and project management

Expert business management, business consultants, learning and training consultants

Transformation and Change

  • Business Strategy design, development and deployment
  • Operational Model construct, approvals and implementation planning
  • Organisational re-design, establishing business structure, roles, functions and processes
  • Risk management and planning
  • Stakeholder engagement and communications
  • Project Management, governance, reporting and delivery
  • Contingency planning and management
  • Process automation and technologies
  • On-boarding and implementation
  • Evaluations and forward planning

Advisory and Consultation

  • Business Strategy, models, approaches and planning
  • Corporate Services 
  • Financial Management 
  • 'Go To Market' strategies
  • HR specialist areas; Industrial and Employee Relations, Business re-design, Process re-engineering,  Policy and Guidelines, Remuneration and Benefits, Equality and Diversity
  • Project Management governance and Support 
  • Coaching and Mentoring Leaders - new, existing and successors.
  • Business Innovation and development
  • Registered Training Organisation (RTO) establishment, advice, analysis, management, coaching and support

Learning Centre

  • Leadership program and modules 
  • Online Coaching and mentoring program and modules
  • Delivery of business-specific soft skills and technical learning programs and modules 
  • SaaS Licensing, Management  and support of business online learning solutions within a branded instance of our  LMS

Digital Strategy and Platform

  • eWorkBox as our Preferred partner offers access to a leading edge digital platform that enables businesses to integrate, automate, connect, engage and collaborate seamlessly and in real-time with their workforce, clients, customers and stakeholders within a digital community-based platform. 
  • A digital 'hub' that includes an eDirectory, social and communication modules to share documents, instant chat, set appointments, live video stream, engage in forums  and create groups coupled with a content management system - there is nothing like it world-wide.  

I.T Infrastructure and Support

  • Systems engineering design development and deployment 
  • Website / App design, development and establishment 
  • IT business infrastructure advice
  • Server maintenance, management and support 
  • Systems integration
  • User Acceptance testing and project management 
  •  Programming services 
  • Security, and auditing of websites and systems
  • SEO and code optimisation 
  • User Experience (UX) of systems and websites

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