CAPS Profiler - More than just 'Capability'

Who? - The CAPS Profiler ©  is  the outcome of a collaboration between Think.Learning. Pty. Ltd. and Dr Jodie Goldney, of Qualitate. The foundations of  the CAPS Profiler stem from over 20 years of  work, academic study, research and rigour, within the  human resources and learning space. 

What? - The CAPS Profiler ©  provides you with a simple holistic process and set of tools to Identify and define what success looks like across your business, now and in the future.

Why?  - The CAPS Profiler ©  once applied, enables you to create tangible profiles of that success as it translates across your business  - so you can  attract, recruit, develop, recognise and support what works for ongoing sustainability and growth.'

CAPS Profiler - Explained

How is it Structured?

The CAPS Profiler © is built around identifying and measuring three concepts of Success in business;

  1. Character traits / Attributes
  2. Ability 
  3. Potential

CAPS is grounded in robust  academic theory centred in social connectivism, that we have uniquely applied to a workplace setting. 

So, it's built to work around YOU - as its focus is to  identify, measure and inculcate the culture, expectations, values, ethos, goals and objectives of your business. 

The  unique CAPS Profiler process provides you with practical outcomes - a success profile for your business that is further translated seamlessly into tangible indicators of success across all of your business' functions, roles positions, growth and development initiatives. 

How does it Work?

  • Character: We get to know your business, its structure, culture, objectives, values, vision and challenges.  Most importantly, the expectations and vision of what success looks like, as it is held and known across your business. 

  • Abilities:  Our unique six domains of successful performance within CAPS are contextualised for their meaning within your business. 

  • Potential: Identifying consistent and measurable indicators of success across the CAPS domains and levels of performance; to benchmark your business  requirements and expectations 

  • Success Profile: Establishing and profiling the criteria for success across specific functions, roles and positions within the business. 

How is it Better?

The CAPS Profiler © is better than traditional Capability frameworks for a  number of reasons. CAPS stands out because it;

  •  Defines Character, Abilities and identifies potential for success 
  • Is modelled on current theory for the social, connective and digital age
  • Focuses on shared and transferrable domains of success, rather than point-in-time skill sets and requirements
  • Is grounded in a continuum of specific achievement, not on organisational levels
  • Is shaped by business ethics, expectations and values as the epi-centre
  • Holistically addresses the employee lifecycle. The outcome of CAPS are practical success profiles that guide all business incentives around workforce; attraction, retention, development, succession, learning and performance.

How is it Relevant?

The CAPS Profiler ©  is a model that is applied to your business, your function, your vision, values, goals and objectives - through the lenses of character, abilities, potential and the specifics that define success within your business.

The outcome is a purposeful and accute understanding of the expectations and requirements  of your business.  This is critical to establishing and building a positive and performance-based workplace culture.

The completed Success Profiles are then overlaid to business operation,  roles, position descriptions, recruitment and selection activities, learning interventions and development and succession plans.

It's always critical to know where your talent is, where your development initiatives need to focus and to ensure your business is flexible and geared towards performing optimally now and in the future.

How does it help My People?

Having a clear understanding of what success looks like across your business, operation and existing talent has far-reaching and positive impacts on sustainability, growth and success. 

It's no secret that the abilities of your people are affected by your workplace culture . Your workplace culture is effected by performance, recognition and experiences of success and positive interactions. 

With the holistic CAPS Profiler model and approach, tangible profiles of success that address all these aspects and the domains of performance are accessible to you and your workforce.

Having these insights, that are derived from your business ethics, values, goals and objectives  - provides a specific blueprint for success - that you can apply to all areas of your business, and measure its effectiveness. 

How does it help my Business?

  • Identifies and defines success across your business 
  • Defines and sets standards, benchmarks and applies tools to measure achievement towards your vision of success 
  • Establishes the process and tools to nurture and grow the workplace culture you envision for your business 
  • Attracts, develops and retains top talent within your business 
  • Creates clear pathways for leadership, succession and business growth and sustainability
  • Connects, engages and promotes a community of collaborative practice within your business 
  • Creates channels to communicate, collaborate and share information through your operations 
  • Enhances efficiencies, effectiveness, consistencies and compliance 
  • Boosts morale, motivation, engagement and value proposition within your people.

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